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  • SEFAR Vision Glass

    The most impressive feature of SEFAR VISION fabric is it has the natural metal reflection through outward light. As the change of light or from different angles, a different metal reflection will be appeared. However, if looked from inside to outside, it will not be seen through the black fabric SEFAR VISION.



    • Façade, Interior, Compartment, Shop and Etc
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A black precision fabric that can be coated with aluminum, chromium, titanium or printed copper and gold on single or double side; furthermore the metalized fabric side can have a special design printed on it to match the whole concept of the design of the building.


The SEFAR VISION laminated glass has to be produced with Dupont SentryGlas interlayer as the final product which can not only increase the safety but also completely present the original metal coating color and transparence. SEFAR VISION laminated glass is ideal to apply with free-of-frame glass to increase its possibility on every kind of application.

    1. Increase visual quality and full of aesthetics.
    2. Match different colors of frame and increase the consistency of the architectural appearance.
    3. Appropriate indoors lighting are also used for decoration
    4. Dynamic Light Play: Interaction with sunlight
    5. The SEFAR VISION laminated glass with Dupont SentryGlas interlayer will increase the safety.
    6. Bent glass available


Glass Type

Thickness (mm)

Max Size

(mm x mm)

Min Size

(mm x mm)

  Unlimited   6~30    3600*2200    300*300


If there has any special size requirement, please contact us.