• From the selection of raw sheets to every flow of CNC slicing, lapping, strengthening, and testing, STANELY GLASS will check all flows strictly and request the production department to meet standardization process management in order to ensure product quality. At the same time, the personnel of production department and service department are maintaining good relationship of communication and cooperative to each other for ensuring the product of glass processing is able to meet the needs of customers and become the strong support for customers.

    CNC Cutting
    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    3 ~ 19 3300 × 6100 300 × 300

    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    3 ~ 12 2700 × 3352 Unlimited

    Shape Min Size(Diameter mm)

    Edging Work
    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    3 ~ 19 2400 × 3000 Unilateral > 70mm
    2400 × 3000 300 × 300

    Tempering Process
    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    3.2 ~ 19 2500 × 4800 300 × 300

    Heat Soak
    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    3 ~ 12 2700 × 3352 Unlimited

    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    2 ~ 19 1524 × 3658 Unlimited

    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    5 ~ 42 2420 × 6000 300 × 300

    Thickness(mm) Max Size(mm × mm) Min Size(mm × mm)
    5 ~ 47 2100 × 3600 100 × 100

  • STANLEY GLASS adopts full sets of industry standard testing equipments to test glass products. The problems can be found and corrected immediately by scientific data. So the product quality can be assured, and then consumer can use our product without worry.

    Hanging Bag Impact Test

    Falling Test

    Breaking Test

    Penetration Test for Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass.

    1. Tempered Glass:4mm - 25mm impact test.

    2. Chemical Tempered Glass:0-3mm impact test.

    3. Laminated Glass impact test.

    Check the amount of breaking pieces if meets standard.


    Dew Point Test

    Light Durability Test

    Boiling Test

    Dew Point for multiply glass.

    Transparency recession Test for Laminated Glass.

    Check the amount of Breaking Pieces if meets standard.


    Stress Tester

    Ripple Test

    Energy Transmission Meter

    Check Surface Stress of Tempered Glass.

    Check Surface Ripple of Tempered Glass.

    Display UV Trans. %, Visible Light Trans. % and SHGC value of glass samples.


    UV-Visible-NIR Spectorphotometer

    Programmable Temperature & Humidity

    Tensile & strengthen Test

    Testing of glass transmittance, absorbance reflectivity and energy.

    Penetration Test for Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass.

    Adhesion Test for Laminated Glass.Extension and Consistency of Silicon.Strength Test of Structural Glass.


    Push Pull Gauge-AK

    Integrating Sound Level Meter

    The analysis of testing material to pulling force and pressure.

    Sound insulation test.

  • Our R/D team
    There are over 50 years since STANLEY GLASS founded. We are able to work consistent operation for the glass processing. In this case, we can focus on the special requirements from customers, and then make adjustment in the manufacturing process for processing the glass production to meet customers needs.

    In 1995, we concentrate the staffs with rich experiences to establish R/D team in order to offer better service to customers. The focus of job of the initial stage is self-enhancement and the continuous improvement of processing in order to speed the delivery and offer better quality product.

    In the processes of services and communications with customers, STANLEY GALSS finds the needs of customers for new product. So R/D team transfers the focus into self-challenge beginning from 2005. The team uses their rich experiences and the mature technology to combine different materials and special methods, and then create unprecedented product of glass processing. It makes us the first company passed the Regulation of Governing Assistance in the Development of New Leading Product from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in the domestic glass industries in Taiwan. (Closed the project with 92.8% completion in project implementation)

    The mysterious and secret glass world is holding unlimited possibilities. STANLEY GLASS wishes to give the new life to glass by the effort of R/D team, and shares the research results with customers to develop new value of glass together. The quality policies of Quality, Speed, Service, Innovation, and Share. shall apply and practice in all stages of R/D and every cooperation.

    The status of patents obtained

    Patents Type Obtained Applying
    The patent of invention 1 item 2 items
    The patent of new pattern 8 items 1 item

    The technology of patents applies in product.
    • Polymagic LED In Glass / LED On Glass
    • Polyvision LCG Liquid Crystal Glass
    • ICD Painting Glass
    • ARB Anti-Reflection Glass Board
    • Triple X Energy-Saving Glass
    • Sound Control Glass
    • Stanley Bullet Resistant Glass
    • Stainless Poly Matt Glass

  • STANLEY GLASS is the only glass company to insure the glass product liability insurance in Taiwan, and Asia, even around the world. The maximum amount of claim settlement of any glass product of STANLEY GLASS is 20 million TWD for every accident. The guarantee coverage of product liability insurance is total 300 million TWD. The coverage of product liability insurance as follows:
    Design Guarantee
    For the glass of the construction designed and manufactured by STANLEY GLASS.
    Construction Guarantee
    The construction is processed by the suggested and qualified cooperant contractor of STANLEY GLASS.
    The construction is processed by the approved and authorized contractor of STANLEY GLASS.
    Distribution Guarantee
    The glass purchased from STANLEY GLASS, and resold directly without any processing on it.
    Long Guarantee Period
    The guarantee period of product liability insurance is over 10 years at least.

  • Certification

      ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System  


    CNS Mark Certification

    DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions

    SEFAR Vision Lamination Certificate
    China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
    Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) Certificate

    Conforms to The Standard